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An intellectual journey through Jewish history and thought that fosters a sense of being at home in Jewish culture, religion, text, and civilization.

Continuing Education

Adult Jewish Learning in Your Community

JTS offers a range of opportunities to study with our exceptional faculty in your own community. From “days of learning” to multi-session courses, JTS’s Jewish learning programs enable you to engage with Jewish texts and explore their meaning for your lives today.

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Prozdor Hebrew High School

Prozdor Hebrew High School

For more than 60 years, the Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor High School of The Jewish Theological Seminary has been the premier Hebrew high school of New York City. Ivry Prozdor is the center for academic Judaic and Hebrew studies for 8th- through 12th-grade students attending public or private schools in the New York metro area.

Jewish Day Schools Standards and Benchmarks Project

Jewish Day Schools Standards and Benchmarks Project:

The Rabbinics Initiative

Summer 2015

Ivriyon Summer Hebrew Institute

The Ivriyon program strengthens the Hebrew language proficiency skills necessary for teaching in Hebrew by way of peer teaching, participant presentations, and textual study. A review of Hebrew grammar and a focus on vocabulary expansion are also integral to the program. Ivriyon is run in partnership with the Hebrew Language program at The Jewish Theological Seminary.


Conference: The Meaning of “Meaning

The Meaning of “Meaning” Conference.



DSLTI is a vibrant learning community that imbues participants with content knowledge, practical skills, and new tools with which to analyze and reflect on leadership issues.